◎ FAN:the common
Q. What is FAN:the?
FAN:the is a service that connect between fan and star in a special way.
Fandom can vote to create their star's content, or can appear on the content.
To shine my star, Do the FAN:the Rank.
Q. My star is not at FAN:the. Can I request additional?
If you cannot find your star at FAN:the, Do the request at 'Petition' below Space category. If you get 300 agrees at your request, you can meet your star at FAN:the.
Q. What else is there at FAN:the?
There are community called Space and NEWS.
You can communicate with other fans in Space, upload picture, video and so on.
We provides entertainment news in the form of card, such as birthdays, comebacks, rookies, and N-year anniversary.
Q. FAN:the's SNS.
Q. Can I use multiple accounts at FAN:the?
You must use only one account per person.
If FAN:the find that you have multiple accounts, those accounts will be locked.
Q. I want to change my email address!
Email is being used as ID at FAN:the. So you cannot change E-mail without exceptions.
1. The email provider has shut down the service.
2. Unable to receive authentication mail due to join with the wrong email.
If you want to change your email for above reasons:
leave a 1:1 inquiry include ⓐ email that you signed up ⓑ email which you want to change ⓒ cell-phone number that you used when you signed up
◎ FAN:the terms
Q. Who is FAN:creator?
We call all FAN:the members FAN:creator.
Q. What is the FAN:the Time?
Every 22:30~23:30 (KST) It's FAN:the Time.
You can get 100 stars at FAN:the Time.
◎ FAN:the rank
Q. What is the FAN:the Rank?
Various votes held FAN:the are called FAN:the Rank.
Anyone who is FAN:the's member, can vote for it.
Q. How to vote FAN:the Rank?
Go to <RANK> tab, choose the content that you want to vote for your star.
Vote for your star to use your stars. If you can't find your star on the list, you can search and then vote.
Q. What's the reward of when my star winning first place in FAN:the Rank?
If your star win the first place, we provide a content for you and your star
If it's difficult for the winning star to appear, the content will be produced with the fan creator or the winning star-themed content.

Those who vote to star(wins the vote) will be offered a variety of privilleges, including prizes or content appearances.

FAN:the are waiting your brilliant idea about content.
Please suggest your idea that will make your star shine more!
Q. I want cancel my vote?
You cannot.
◎ FAN:the channel
Q. What is the FAN:the Ch?
All content from FAN:the is called FAN:the channel
You can set main character of the content through the FAN:the Rank.
And you can participate in planning and production by suggest you idea!
Q. I want to appear in the FAN:the Channel.
We're going to draw from the memner who voted for winner.
Q. Where can I confirm the draw?
We post at FAN:the notice, and you can get the alarm on email/mobile.
Q. How dose FAN:the Channel's content creation work?
A single content requires a lot of step's power.
One of Them is You. FAN:creator as a Planner/Investor
To more shine your star, and make more brilliant content, FAN:the will support with the best staff.
Q. May I suggest FAN:the Ch content?
If you have an idea for the content that I want to see, Please ask 1:1 inquiry. OR, Please put your common ideas together at Space. We'll try to reflect it in the content.
Q. Can I use the FAN:the Ch content to create a second creation?
It's possible for non-profit purposes.
However, You have to identify the source of the original work. If you unintentionally make a profit, you must agree to donate.
◎ FAN:the pickstar card
Q. What is the Pickstar Card?
Every star at FAN:the have only one Pickstar Card.
FAN:creator can change Pickstar Card Image to your favorite.
It's possible 00:00 ~ 24:00. And At midnight it reset price.
You can apply for the Pickstar Card with gold star.

Initial price: 100 gold star
When change ownership, price go up by 8%.
Q. How can i get the Pickstar Card?
The card page shows the gold star amount required for the application.
If you want, Apply it.
If there are multiple applicants, the draw will determine.
Card ownership is guaranteed for 10 minutes, and the image will remain until the next participant appears.
Q. Does the gold star used for the Pickstar Card disappear?
Gold star used for the Pickstar Card will be set aside as a twinkle star
(3,000 gold star = 1 twinkle star, This can change without notice.)
◎ FAN:the star
Q. What is the Star?
Service points used to vote on FAN:the or purchase items are called stars. Star can be acquired or purchased through various methods provided by the FAN:the.
Q. Are there any kinds of stars?
gold : Star that does not disappear unless it is used.
silver : Star that disappears at midnight every day.
twinkle : Star that are set aside for star through FAN:the Rank and Pickstar Card. You can decide whether or not to use a twinkle star by casting a fandom vote.
Q. How can I get the stars?
How to collect stars:

1. Sign In FAN:the (Only once in a day. You can't receive it when you're not signed in)
- We give 100 stars to all FAN:creator without any distinction.
- We give it differently depending on the FAN:creator's activity.

2. Sign in the FAN:the Time(22:30~23:30) and put the FAN:the Time button above.

3. Playing Lucky Draw
- If you participate every vote, you can play FAN:the Lucky Draw once in a day. (Use more thant 10 stars in every vote)
- You win randomly among 100 stars, 300 stars, 500 stars, 1000 stars and 3000 stars.

4. Go to Attendance ⓐ
- Please be present in succession and receive the stars. (After a week, it will be reset to day 1)

5. Go to Attendance ⓑ
- Depending on the attendance day per month, bonus stars will be given on the first day of next month. (reset every month)

6. etc. participate in various events and get stars
- You can get stars via participate in various events such as watching FAN:the Ch.

7. Using FAN:the Shop

Q. Can I cancel my star purchase and get a refund?
Yes, you can. Stars that have not been used once within 7 days of payment can be cancelled and refunded. All fees incurred during the cancellation/refund process are your responsibility. Please understand that you cannot refund any of the purchased stars if you have already used them.
Ex1 : Buy 1000 stars and use 10. Request refund the next day. → Impossible
Ex2 : Buy 1000 stars and doesn't use at all but requested a refund after 2 weeks → Impossible
Q. What's the refund procedure?
In My Page - Star - Purchase History, press the Cancel button. If you have used some of the stars you have purchased, the Cancel button is disabled and you cannot refund it.
◎ FAN:creator, FAN:the activity
Q. How do I raise my FAN:creator level?
The level is based on the points acquired through the FAN:the activity.
Q. How can I get the FAN:the activity point?
You can achieve points through a variety of activities, as shown in the chart.
Q. What case do I lose lose my activity point?
You will lose points in the case through as shown in the chart below.
Q. What can I do with FAN:the activity points?