Qurings are cute astronaut friends who have gathered via fan activities.
Qurings who cheer for my star in their own way!
Whom of these stars will be the best?


Fanduck that wants to be a panda.
Fanduck always wear panda clothes to look like a panda.
Ari always follows fanduck and Fanduck take good care of Ari.


Ari, who is not good at fan activities.
Ari follows fanduck and studies fan activities with note.
It is still characterized by white fur around the mouth.


Meossi is relaxed in everything, but meossi is faster than anyone else in fan activities.
Meossi is a rival to Mard.


Barus who love to eat.
He seems quiet because of his blunt face,
but he's an emotional astronaut who lives a happy life writing a fan letter.


Mard who attend concerts or offline events unconditionally.
The tracks were left with a lot of binoculars at the concert.


The smartest Perry in the qurings.
Perry relieves stress at work through fan activities.
A passionate consumer who spares no money on his star's goods!


Cruwty who weren't interested in star.
He started fan activities after following various events at the recommendation of my friend.
He always carry a carrot-hating rabbit Vivi on his head.